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Top 10 wedding dresses

Top trends in 2013:

Funny wedding dance

That's wedding dance should look like:

The day where I found my wedding dress

If you follow me on Twitter, then you might already are aware. If this is not the case, so here, I announcement te (not no, I am not pregnant as the 70% of the blogosphere beauty currently - strange phenomenon prevents): I found my wedding dress. I could write: "I finally found my wedding dress" but I find that it would have been a slight exaggeration on my part. True, it is not very long that I started looking for her. But in my head, it seemed well long and complicated - especially complicated (while pleasing to once - again a strange phenomenon would like). If you have missed the 1st chapters on this topic, and if you're interested (after all, it is possible that you you in sheets as a Jinx because here it is normally a beauty blog and not a wedding blog, ahem...), I refer you to this article where I confessais you my fear of not finding the dress fulfilling all my criteria. then in this article where I told you, all emotionnee my 1st meeting of fittings of bridal gowns.
Indeed, after trying a few models during my 1st appointment, I quickly had a crush for a dress in particular. It was almost sure of my choice and really packed a 2nd go shop had been issued to show my favorite to my parents. I leave happy (the fittings have an effect galvanizing I find) but now, I'm starting to doubt taking into account the comments of my mom and my sister.

I look at photos of me, taken in shop, wearing the dress coup de Cœur in question and that is that I think that it is wrong. The dress is very beautiful, it Yes, but more I look, more I find that it is not very flattering to my morphology (who remember it, is similar to that of an anorexic Yellowtail). Subsequent nights of intense reflection: "Damn, I love it yet that damn dress.", "why I told the seller that it was this one and not another? The gourd... ","So I doubt it is that this is not good..."," Yes, but the lace in the back is so beautiful ","is it me or I look like mat inside? No, it's the picture eh? Hum... "."

Short, after several restless nights to ask me a thousand questions and watch my a few photos in all their glory, I came to the conclusion that no, this dress if belle for which I had a cracking was not good (thanks MOM for opening my eyes to the passage). Dammit!

It was mid-December. Christmas gifts are not purchased (Yes it is a detail, but this adds to the rest of the stuff to do), the bitch of the invitations creator makes the dead (Mr BG the harassing by telephone but nothing helped - bitch!) and I have to start again from zero for my wedding dress while I thought having found it. Pay your mega-stress. Cause, I commend me to buy wedding magazines to shovel and skim collections 2013 dresses for bride on the web. No, the balls were not on spruce that stood in the middle of the living room, I had them there also (ok, you do not see the gesture but you understand the image).

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DIY decorative delights for gourmet wedding

Continue on the theme of greed with some creative ideas to realize yourself to decorate your day  and spoil your guests; cupcakes, candy or ice cones, you choose your favorite delight!
Perfect to hold sweets and offer to your guests!